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Go from fear and overwhelm to confidence and improved health with step-by-step instructions and optional live support
from an experienced sleep physician and educator.

CPAP 101 Course

with Dr. Kimberly Hutchison

CPAP is not convenient but it is worth it.


Course Information: 

CPAP therapy is the “gold-standard” treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, however many patients are prescribed a machine without enough background information and without adequate support for expected challenges.

In this beginner course, people diagnosed with sleep apnea will not only learn how to use their new CPAP machine, but also how to increase their chances of success by preparing for and troubleshooting common problems and mental barriers. All you need to do is follow along with these expert created, easy-to-digest tutorial videos and companion worksheets. For your best chances of success, you have the option to build community and get one-to-one coaching in live Q & A session with Dr. Kimberly. New medical diagnoses can be scary, but with proper information and support, you will soon be living a better life through better sleep. Let’s get started!

This course is for you if:

  • The idea of wearing a CPAP makes you want to scream

  • You have been diagnosed with OSA and want to start CPAP prepared

  • You have struggled with using a CPAP and want to start over

  • You want to have ongoing access to expert-driven CPAP information

  • You can’t get a timely response to your questions elsewhere

In the CPAP 101 Course you will learn:

Module 1: Starting Your CPAP Journey
Lesson 1: Identify your why
Lesson 2: Removing Barriers
Lesson 3: Your New Story

Module 2: Set Yourself Up For CPAP Success
Lesson 1: Prioritize Healthy Sleep
Lesson 2: Prepare, Partner, and Persist
Lesson 3: Make a Commitment to Compliance

Module 3: Using Your CPAP Machine
Lesson 1: Night One: I’m Ready! Start Using your CPAP
Lesson 2: Cleaning and Care of your machine
Lesson 3: When Will I Start Feeling Better? Expectations and where to go from here

Bonus: Dr. Hutchison’s CPAP Troubleshooting Tips
- Air leaks and dry mouth
- Nasal congestion
- Skin irritation
- Strap marks
- Bloating/Gas
- Water on face/rainout
- Claustrophobia
- Pressure too strong

Watch this video to learn what to expect from this course.


Live CPAP Coaching
with Dr. Kimberly Hutchison

When you purchase the course + coaching, you will have access to two live coaching calls where you can ask Dr. Kimberly questions and get immediate answers.

Calls are held weekly on Mondays at 4pm PST or Thursdays at 10am PST.

If you are not able to attend the live calls, you can submit your questions in advance and they will be answered during that week's call.

Coaching calls will be recorded and shared.

CPAP 101



  • 1-Year access to course materials

  • Bonus: Dr. Hutchison's CPAP Troubleshooting Tips

  • Monthly updates from Dr. Kimberly

CPAP 101 + Coaching



  • 1-Year access to course materials

  • Access to TWO LIVE COACHING CALLS over a two week timeframe

  • Able to submit questions for Dr. Kimberly to answer

  • Bonus: Dr. Hutchison's CPAP Troubleshooting Tips

  • Monthly updates from Dr. Kimberly


Get Added to the Waitlist and Receive 10% Your Registration

Meet Your Sleep Guide

I am Kim Hutchison, a Neurologist, Sleep Medicine Specialist 
and Associate Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon.

Just like you, I am passionate about a good night’s sleep and believe it comes from good information.

You don’t have to be a scientist to get great sleep. With the right information and a little determination, you can change the way you sleep. 

Not sure what information you can trust? Don’t understand the medical mumbo-jumbo? Still haven’t called to make that appointment with your doctor?

Medical information can be hard to read and doesn’t help anyone when it’s trapped behind a closed door.

I’m here to give you clear, accurate, and scientifically-backed information to help you get a good night’s sleep!