Want To Sleep Better When Using Your Nasal CPAP?

The Somnoseal™️ was designed to help with: 

  • improving dry mouth

  • decreasing snoring

  • making your CPAP more efficient

  • encouraging nasal breathing


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Mouth Breathing is Hurting Your Sleep

When you sleep, your jaw relaxes and can result in mouth breathing. Air flowing in or out of your mouth disrupts natural nose breathing and can lead to a number of negative health effects including dry mouth, snoring, and dental cavities. If you use a nasal CPAP, mouth leaking may make your CPAP less effective as air pressure needed to treat your apnea literally blows out your mouth!

What is SomnoSeal™️?

The SomnoSeal™️ device is an oral sealing device to prevent mouth leaking while using nasal CPAP, improving overall treatment success.

You will gain comfort from the soft and flexible material designed to use all night without irritating your teeth or gums.

You will potentially reduce noisy mouth breathing resulting in quieter sleep for the user and bed partner.  

You will find that the medical-grade silicone sits just inside your lips and is easy to remove with your tongue or with the built-in tab.  It is easy to clean, does not require messy adhesives, and is compatible with facial hair.

Once I tried the Somnoseal, I found that a small piece of tape vertically across my lips was enough to remind me not to open my mouth. I have been using the Somnoseal without problems for over a year now and can't imagine trying to sleep without it!

- Richard L

Meet the Development Team

Kimberly Nixon Hutchison,

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hutchison is a neurologist and fellowship-trained sleep medicine specialist who has been in practice for over 15 years. She is an associate professor at Oregon Health and Science University, where she teaches future doctors, creates new technologies, and sees both neurology and sleep medicine patients. She is a medical director, national speaker, and was named one of “Portland’s Top Docs” in 2014. She is passionate about improving the experience of sleep and increasing access to sleep medicine treatments..

Ms. Brenna Rauw


Brenna Rauw has been a pioneer in global technology commercialization, leading industry partnering and venture groups for top universities. She is also currently a Managing Director at 12Bridge, advancing healthcare innovation with leading researchers and clinicians. Brenna holds a degree in Biology from Harvard and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Mr. David G. Starr

Advisor / Strategic Business Consultant

David Starr has been solving formidable problems within the medical device sector for 25+ years. His specialty is devising affordable, easy-to-use medical technology products and solutions that address the critical needs of clinicians and patients while enabling organizations to achieve commercial success. Starr is a consultant and CEO with complementary operations and marketing expertise, excels in product development and launch, scaling and transforming businesses, raising VC and angel investments, and driving explosive organizational growth within the medical device and consumer tech sectors. Starr holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) from Pomona College.

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