Feel Better Faster Through Improved Sleep

Get succinct, practical, and trustworthy information about sleep disorders, sleep apnea and your CPAP from sleep expert, Dr. Kimberly Hutchison 

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Feel Better Faster Through Improved Sleep

Get succinct, practical, and trustworthy information about sleep disorders, sleep apnea and your CPAP 

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Looking for Science-Backed Information about Sleep Apnea?



In this 10-minute informational video from Dr. Kimberly Hutchison, MD, FAASM, you'll learn:

1. What exactly is sleep apnea
2. What are the health consequences of untreated sleep apnea
3. What is an AHI and why this number matters

Meet Your Sleep Guide

I am Kim Hutchison, a Neurologist, Sleep Medicine Specialist 
and Associate Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon.

Just like you, I am passionate about a good night’s sleep and believe it comes from good information.

You don’t have to be a scientist to get great sleep. With the right information and a little determination, you can change the way you sleep. 

Not sure what information you can trust? Don’t understand the medical mumbo-jumbo? Still haven’t called to make that appointment with your doctor?

Medical information can be hard to read and doesn’t help anyone when it’s trapped behind a closed door.

I’m here to give you clear, accurate, and scientifically-backed information to help you get a good night’s sleep!


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Hear From Dr. Kimberly's Clients:

"Dr. Hutchison comes at sleep apnea from a different direction. And she knows the tools that we have to use - CPAP machines and the masks. She is very helpful and very concerned about me as a patient and as a person. She cares about things like restless leg and quality of sleep, not just whether or not the CPAP was working."

"Dr. Hutchison is an amazing advocate for her patients! She listens intentionally and is totally focused on the patient as a whole being not just a specific medical diagnosis."

"Dr. Hutchison treats me as an individual. She sees my case for the intricacies of my symptoms in-situ with my life circumstances. This is truly individual care. To achieve this high level of care, she asks and listens to my concerns. I feel like 'we' are treating my once-debilitating condition together."

"Dr. Hutchison truly listens to my medical issues and always meets with me ready with a variety of options to try to assist in dealing with the problem. I feel she really cares about me as her patient."

Are you tired of waiting for a call back from you doctor or medical equipment company to get your CPAP questions answered?

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