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If you’ve been a Sleep Warrior for very long, you know I have always championed the benefits of nasal CPAP masks. I like them for their emphasis on promoting nasal breathing, their lower profile, and the generally lower pressures required for effective treatment. 

However, it's essential to recognize that everyone's comfort and therapy needs are unique. Some of you find full-face masks more suitable for your sleep apnea therapy. 

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce the latest full-face mask from ResMed – the AirFit F40. Just to clarify - a ‘full face’ mask doesn’t actually cover your whole face as the name implies (although these types of masks do exist!), but, rather, they cover both your nose and your mouth. They were originally developed to help those who are mouth breathers and can’t tolerate chin straps or the SomnoSeal.

So here it is: the AirFit F40. As you can see, it is more compact than most full-face masks and sits under the nose, which is sometimes called a hybrid mask, so it doesn’t have anything touching your nasal bridge or forehead. It is touted to be more comfortable without compromising the effectiveness of your sleep apnea treatment.

A highlight of this mask is its AdaptiSeal cushion, which uses a soft silicone material to maintain a facial seal throughout the night, even as you move. Thus, it claims to cause fewer leaks in side sleepers. There are three cushion sizes and three headgear sizes. You can find sizing guides on ResMed’s website at this link:

A trusted colleague tried the mask for a night and reported it to be comfortable and noted it to have a good seal and that it didn’t leave any strap marks. A dry mouth was noted, but this is pretty common with most full-face masks. 

Of note, the mask does have magnets in the frame and lower headgear straps - so don’t use this mask if you have any active medical implants such as pacemakers, neurostimulators or pumps. More information can be found here:

So, in conclusion, the AirFit F40 represents a significant step forward in CPAP mask design, balancing the need for a compact, comfortable fit with the effectiveness required for treating sleep apnea. If you are a mouth breather who just can’t tolerate nasal masks with chin straps or the SomnoSeal, the AirFit F40 could be the solution you're looking for. You can find it at your medical equipment company or many online retailers. 

Thanks for being here, I’ll see you next week!

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