CPAP Accessory Alert: Feline-Friendly Fix from Gloria!


Hey, sleep warriors back this week with my favorite guest, my mom. Gloria, thanks for being here, mom. And we also have an important guest, Harley the Cat.


Hey Harley. Hey.


So we're talking today about my mom's newest CPAP accessory, which is her tube holder and tube cover. So why don't you tell us a little bit about this accessory Mom and what you're using it for and how you like it?


I, of course, ordered these online, but I was reading about the cover and you can buy a heated cover. They are available, but this particular one is not heated and the information about it said that it helped to protect your tube from the cat.


And since I have Harley the cat and he is always very interested in this tube and would like to put his claws in it and bite it a little bit. So that is what made me decide to go ahead and order the cover just so I could try and see if it would help protect it from Harley.


Has it been working?  I think so, yes.


And you had no choice of colors?


They just sent this color and also it has a full-length zipper in it, and that's what allows you to put it on and take it off.


Okay. So if you need to wash it, it's easily easy to remove?  Yes. Easy to remove and I like it. I would order it again.


Okay. Well, let's see it in action.


Thanks for being here. I'll see you next week.

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