Daylight Savings and Your CPAP Clock


Hey Sleep Warrior, 


Daylight savings time rolls around twice a year, and along with it, questions about CPAP machine clocks. Do you need to update the time on your CPAP machine? 

Let's set the record straight

Daylight savings has come and gone, and I hope you've enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. But let's talk about your CPAP machine's clock and a little tip I share with my patients.

It's true  –  most CPAP machines don't automatically adjust for daylight savings. This leads many patients to wonder if they need to fiddle with their CPAP machine clock to adjust the time. 

Here's the simple truth: don't sweat it

While you could try changing the time zone to match the new time, you have to be very careful, since if you don't remove the data card first, you could reset your usage data. 

What I tell my patients is simply this: The data will balance itself out. In the fall, it shows an extra hour, and in the spring, one less. So, keep calm and carry on with your CPAP therapy and let’s not overcomplicate it.


And here's a tip: Use daylight savings as a reminder to check your supplies. It's the perfect time to order new filters, masks, or other accessories you might need.


So, enjoy the season and rest easy knowing that your sleep therapy is on track. 


Thanks for being here, I’ll see you next week. 

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