Find CPAP success with online groups


Hey Sleep Warriors,


Have you ever been discouraged by the solitary nature of sleep apnea journeys? Imagine helping someone else just by sharing your own experience! Whether you are new to CPAP or you’ve had CPAP for a long time, you likely have questions - I know, because my patients show up with questions every day. And while I can provide science-backed sleep information, there is something unique that CPAP users offer to each other. By taking a moment to ask your questions or share your story, you could give someone the information they need to keep going and reassure them that they’re not alone. Community is one key to success.


In my two decades of practicing sleep medicine, I’ve noticed how valuable community can be in helping people stick with sleep therapy.


That’s why I’m excited to offer two ongoing options for cultivating community using online groups:

#1 - a Free monthly live Q&A over Zoom – This will be the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm – and starts February 7th! Kenny or I will offer a brief presentation on a common CPAP concern and then open it up to YOUR questions. Sign Up Now

#2 - The Huddle – which is live weekly group coaching or one-on-one coaching on CPAP use and sleep apnea. I have already started offering this live group coaching alongside my new CPAP 101 course. And while you get the most benefit if you show up live, there is also the option to submit your questions in advance and receive the recording within 24 hours.


These online support communities are the way of the future. My goal is to help facilitate these sessions and provide science-backed answers so my community can be confident that the shared information is medically trustworthy. And that leads to better outcomes for everyone.


Thanks for being here, I’ll see you next week! 

Waiting on a Machine or Just Getting Started With A CPAP? 

Due to the recent recall and general delays in healthcare services, many people are forced to wait to get their CPAP machines. There are things you can do to prepare, so download the first of its kind guide with actionable tips you can start on today.


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