How To Choose A CPAP Machine Mask


Have you ever wondered if you’re wearing the right mask to go with your CPAP machine? Well, it’s never too late to try a better sleep tool.


First, congratulations on making the commitment to better sleep—and a better life—by starting CPAP therapy. As a neurologist and sleep medicine physician, I’ve been helping patients get the most out of CPAP therapy for nearly two decades. One of the most important components for success in using a CPAP machine is choosing the right mask.


Below, let’s learn some of the questions you should be asking when choosing a CPAP mask.


Free CPAP Mask Workshop

First, I’m inviting you to join me and my superstar CPAP medical technologist, Kenny McCollum, in a free upcoming Q&A and CPAP Mask Workshop. During this event, we’ll help you learn everything you need to know about choosing a mask that perfectly matches your needs.


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CPAP Questions To Ask

When determining the correct type of mask to wear while completing your CPAP therapy, these are some of the questions you should be asking:

  • Do you know if you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or stomach?
  • Do you breathe better through your nose, mouth, or somewhere in between?
  • Do you know the difference between a nasal pillow and a nasal mask?
  • Are you maybe worried about strap marks on your face?
  • Which mask works best with facial hair?
  • And what if you’re claustrophobic – what are your best options then?

Maybe you have a more general question about CPAP, like:

  • What’s the difference between BiPAP and CPAP therapy?
  • When will I start feeling better?

Well, we have answers.


Kenny and I have more than three decades of combined experience working with CPAP patients.


We truly understand the obstacles you face when choosing a CPAP mask. We’ve seen it all and we’ve helped thousands of patients achieve their goal of a better sleep – and a better life – through CPAP therapy.


I hope you join us. I’d love to meet you.


See you next week!

Waiting on a Machine or Just Getting Started With A CPAP? 

Due to the recent recall and general delays in healthcare services, many people are forced to wait to get their CPAP machines. There are things you can do to prepare, so download the first of its kind guide with actionable tips you can start on today.


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