Give the gift of sleep


Hi there,

In this video, I'll be demonstrating how to insert and clean the SomnoSeal first without the optional mouth tape. And second, with the optional tape, you'll insert the SomnoSeal by holding onto the center tab, making sure that the small arrow is pointing up.


After getting ready for bed and before you put on your CPAP, gently insert the SomnoSeal behind the lips and in front of the teeth. Adjust it as needed for comfort.


Put on your CPAP and you are ready for sleep. Use the optional mouth tape if you have trouble keeping the somal in your mouth overnight. First, insert the SomnoSeal, then place one piece of tape vertically over your lips under your nose. Put on your CPAP and you are good to go in the morning.


Remove your CPAP mask and any tape. Then head to the sink. Remove the SomnoSeal and rinse with water or mild soap. Allow it to air dry on the stand provided in your starter kit and keep it where you'll see it the next night.

That's it.



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