Good Bye Dry Mouth and Mouth Leaks


Welcome to SomnoSeal, the innovative solution revolutionizing CPAP therapy for mouth-breathers. I'm Dr. Kimberly, a seasoned sleep medicine provider, and this is the story of how SomnoSeal came to be – a journey of innovation, dedication, and a deep desire to improve sleep health.

As a sleep medicine specialist for over two decades, I've witnessed the struggles of countless individuals with sleep apnea, particularly the challenges associated with CPAP therapy. The idea for SomnoSeal was born out of my patients' frustration with mouth leaks, discomfort from full-face masks, ineffectiveness of chin straps, and extreme measures like mouth taping. I remember vividly the day a patient used a Maxi pad to prevent air leaks from escaping her mouth. That was the turning point for me – a moment of realization that we needed a better solution.

Driven by a passion to make a difference, I applied for a Biomedical Innovation grant from OHSU. The joy of being awarded one of the grants in 2018 marked the beginning of an incredible journey. Collaborating with a team of engineers, we embarked on a mission to create a device that was not just effective but also simple, comfortable, and affordable. This led to the birth of SomnoSeal – a nasal breathing trainer designed for both CPAP users and those who predominantly breathe through their mouths.

Through rigorous testing and feedback, SomnoSeal evolved. We understood that one size does not fit all, so we developed different sizes for optimal fitting. We explored different materials and landed on a soft, biocompatible silicone. Our design also accommodates those with facial hair and ensures easy removal. The SomnoSeal Starter Kit, comes with both SMALL and MEDIUM sizes, and is a testament to our commitment to accessible at-home fitting. And for those who need it, we provide optional mouth tape, designed not to seal the lips but to keep the SomnoSeal in place if the mouth opens really widely. 

Today, SomnoSeal stands as a symbol of innovation in sleep apnea treatment tolerability. Our journey has been about more than just creating a product; it’s been about transforming lives. The feedback from CPAP users and collaborations with sleep dentists have enriched our understanding of airway management. The benefits of SomnoSeal in conjunction with oral appliance therapy has furthered the impact of SomnoSeal on improving the lives of patients with sleep apnea. 

Thank you for visiting SomnoSeal. Our journey continues, driven by our commitment to enhancing sleep quality for mouth breathers worldwide. Explore our site to learn more about SomnoSeal and how it can transform your sleep therapy experience. Remember, a good night’s sleep is just a click away. 

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