Happy Thanksgiving


To all of my dedicated sleep warriors out there – this message is for you.

With each sunrise and every nightfall, you've taken a stand – a stand for better sleep, for health, and for the vitality that each restful night brings. 

Your commitment to improving your sleep health, whether its tuning into our weekly Sleep Bytes or participating in our workshops – it does not go unnoticed. You all are the heartbeat of this community. 

It's your thoughtful questions, your willingness to learn, and your journey towards better sleep that inspires me every day. Because of you, our community can offer hope and health to those who care about quality sleep. You've shown that with dedication and the right knowledge, change is not just possible – it's within reach. So don’t give up, my friends, little by little you are doing it. 

On this Thanksgiving, as a heartfelt thank you for watching my videos, for engaging, for caring about your sleep health, I have something special just for you. This is not a Black Friday deal – it's far more personal than that. It's my way of saying 'thank you' for being a part of our journey together.

For the next week only, I'm offering a first-ever 50% discount on my CPAP 101 course and my SomnoSeal. The CPAP 101 course is a unique video course designed to help you get started or troubleshoot your CPAP journey. 

And for those who've struggled with dry mouth and mouth leaks, my SomnoSeal, an innovative solution, is also available at half price. This is your chance to embrace the full potential of your sleep therapy, to step into a world where your CPAP is not a challenge, but a trusted companion on the path to dreamland. Just use the code:THANKFUL at checkout and your discount will be automatically applied. 

Lastly, I’d love to hear from you all. Let me know if these videos have been helpful or if there are topics you hope I will cover. If you’d like to make a donation to help cover some of the costs to keep new material coming, I would be most grateful. 

Thank you, once again, for being the warriors of your own sleep, for being a part of our community, and for allowing me to guide you on this incredible journey. Your health, your sleep, your peace – they matter. And together, we will continue to transform them, one night at a time.

Waiting on a Machine or Just Getting Started With A CPAP? 

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