Holiday Cheers and Sleep Fears


Hey Sleep Warriors, as we gear up for holiday festivities, it's crucial to talk about a common guest at these parties – alcohol. But don't worry, I've got both good news and bad news to share, along with some practical tips to keep your sleep apnea in check. Let's dive in.

Alcohol and Sleep Apnea

First, the not-so-great news. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant and can exacerbate sleep apnea symptoms. It relaxes your throat muscles, increasing the likelihood of apnea events. So, if you're indulging a bit more than usual this season, remember this effect. If you are using an oral appliance or suffer from snoring, you may also notice an increase in snores. 


The Silver Lining: Auto-CPAP to the Rescue

Now for the good news. If you are a CPAP-user, most modern CPAP machines are Auto-CPAPs, and they are quite smart. They adjust the pressure based on your needs. So, if your sleep apnea worsens temporarily due to that extra glass of spiked eggnog, your CPAP machine's got your back


Tracking Your Sleep Health

Keep an eye on your CPAP data. You might notice a slight increase in residual AHI post-celebration or that your average pressure and peak pressures are a bit higher than usual. This is because of that increase in sleep apnea events I discussed earlier and your machine’s response. But remember, feeling groggy in the morning is likely more about the alcohol than your sleep apnea. 


Your Top Holiday Sleep Tip

Here's the most crucial tip: Always wear your CPAP! It's tempting to skip it after a festive night, but your CPAP is your best ally. It ensures you continue breathing smoothly, even if you've had a little too much cheer. Stay safe, Sleep Warrior, and enjoy the holidays responsibly.


Thanks for being here, I’ll see you next week! 

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