How long does it take to get used to CPAP?


Kenny, when you were first starting on CPAP, what was your first mask?

The very first mask I used was 
20 years ago. I know it was a long time ago.

It was by a company called Respironics. It was a green mask and the profile, the equivalent of a profile light. 
But, that's not what they called it back then. It was huge and was the equivalent of wearing a brick on my face.


So they've come a long way.


They've definitely come a long long way. I remember the machine more than I remember the mask. The machine was an old REM star respironics machine. It was the equivalent of sleeping next to a small vacuum cleaner.


I remember thinking, how on earth could anybody possibly do this?


What do you mean by "do this"?  Well, many of my patients also wonder how they can do CPAP and how long will it take for them to get used to CPAP.   It's one of the stories I tell in the clinic when I'm working with patients one-to-one because so many people worry about how they will get used to CPAP.

It took me a month and a half to wear my CPAP mask for a full night.


Since I'm somebody that really believes in CPAP and because I know it works and can share all the tips and tricks, I want patients to know that it took me a while too.


Love that. I'm so glad that you shared because I know in the clinic, patients are constantly asking me like, how long is it going to take for me to feel comfortable with my mask and with my CPAP?


And at the first visit that we have, after they start, a lot of times they're not where they want to be.  So just remember, that it does take time, perseverance, and patience.


It's so sticking with it is a very important concept.


It's different for everybody and even for a CPAP expert.


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