Mask leaks? You are not alone!


Hey, sleep warriors,


This week I'm with my favorite guest, everybody's favorite guest, my mom, Gloria.  So thanks for being here. This week. Gloria is going to be asking the questions.  


Well, I am using the Evora sleep mask that I like a lot, but why is it starting to blow air or leak around the sides It's annoying and I am adjusting it way too often.


So this is a really common question, getting air blowing around the sides of your mask.


This Evora is a bit of a hybrid mask.  It's not a nasal pillow.  It's not a full nasal mask. It's sort of in between and it has a real thin membrane here that goes up to prevent those leaks from happening. So mom, when was the last time that you changed this cushion? Well, it's new, and I started using it in March.


So you used the mask for the first time in March?




Okay, so now it's the middle of June, and so that's several months. So with this cushion piece here, this is probably the most common reason why masks start to leak around the sides, is that it's time to change the cushion on your mask.


It's been nearly three months, which is probably about the maximum amount of time before you're going to want to go before changing these small cushions.

So one of the number one reasons why we do start to get a little bit of that leaking is that it's time
to change the old cushions.


If that doesn't work, the next thing I would recommend would be a nasal or any mask liner, and those can be purchased online.  We also have other videos talking about the different types of mask liners. But if it's been a while since you've changed the cushion, I would do that first.


Thanks for being here this week and we'll see you next time.

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