ResMed vs. Respironics CPAP Machines


Hi Sleep Warriors,


We're excited to introduce the newest edition of our Sleep Tech Byte video series. This episode shines the spotlight on the longstanding rivalry between ResMed vs. Respironics CPAP machines.


If you've ever been baffled by the unique terminologies each brand employs for what seems to be the exact same feature, you're not alone! Our latest video demystifies these terminologies, explaining the similarities and differences between these two industry frontrunners.


Beyond the lingo, we venture deeper into the world of CPAP innovations, assessing both brands in terms of recent advancements, their reputations, reliability, and yes, which one might make your wallet a tad lighter. Plus,  we'll take a closer look at the aesthetic differences that set them apart and explore some of the common "bells and whistles" they offer to enhance your sleep therapy experience.


Don’t miss out on this enlightening comparison. Join us as we decipher the world of CPAP machines, helping you make informed decisions.

Waiting on a Machine or Just Getting Started With A CPAP? 

Due to the recent recall and general delays in healthcare services, many people are forced to wait to get their CPAP machines. There are things you can do to prepare, so download the first of its kind guide with actionable tips you can start on today.


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