The SomnoSeal is launching today!


Hey, sleep warriors,


I have some really big news today. Just in time for the holidays, I am launching my innovative patent-pending device, the SomnoSeal.


The SomnoSeal will make an excellent holiday gift for yourself or any CPAP user in your life. It's a soft mouthpiece that sits just inside your lips to prevent airflow from leaking out of your mouth during sleep.


It helps eliminate irritating dry mouth and enables your CPAP to function more efficiently because air doesn't have to travel over your tongue to get to where it needs to go. Think of the SomnoSeal as an alternative to a chin strap or mouth tape.


It's flexible and comfortable, and it's compatible with facial hair. So finally, there is a new option for CPAP users who what to use smaller nasal only or nasal pillow-style masks but struggle with mouth breathing.


When you order the starter kit of the SomnoSeal, you will get two SomnoSeal sizes: small and medium. You can just use the one that fits the best.  You'll also receive a package of mouth tape which is optional and can be used if you have a hard time keeping the SomnoSeal in your mouth at night. And you'll get a stand. You can keep this by your sink to hold your SomnoSeal, while it dries in the morning after you rinse it.


Additional information about the SomnoSeal and videos are available on the SomnoSeal page of this website, or you're welcome to email us at [email protected]


I hope you'll try it.


Thanks for being here. I'll see you next week.




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