SomnoSeal Giveaway


Hey Sleep Warriors! 


This week I am on my way home from my overseas work in Saipan, in the Northern Marianas Islands. I started a small practice there when my husband and I, and our two small kids, moved there to do underserved work in 2007. When we came home a little over a year later, there was no one to replace me, so I have been returning annually to see patients and doing other work remotely throughout the year. Each year, I bring a senior neurology resident from OHSU with me. This gives the resident a Global Health experience and allows us to see more patients. This year I brought Audrey Oliger, MD, and she did a fantastic job! As the only neurologist and sleep doctor for the island of 50,000, it was a busy trip!


It’s interesting how the sleep patients I care for over there have many of the same sleep issues as people on the US Mainland. They also suffer from dry mouth and I had a great time this year introducing them to the SomnoSeal. 


Next week, Kenny and I will be offering our monthly FREE Workshop and LIVE Q&A that will be all about dry mouth and what you can do about it. I’ll be demonstrating how to use the SomnoSeal and we will have a giveaway for a FREE SomnoSeal Starter Kit! And don’t worry if you can’t join us LIVE, just be sure to sign up and we will email you the REPLAY link. 


And if you can’t wait to see the SomnoSeal in action, today I have a very special guest who is demonstrating how she uses it. Take it away, Mom!


Thanks for being here, I hope to see many of you at the Workshop!

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