Top 3 Tips to Help Prioritize Sleep During the Holidays


Hey, sleep warriors.


Are you ready for the holidays? If you're like me, keeping sleep is a priority during this time of year can be extra difficult, but like most hard things, it's worth it because when you get adequate sleep, everything about the holidays is better.


So if all the healthy practices that you can invest in at this time of year, perhaps the most important is sleep. Sleep is essential for a balanced mood, for weight control, good decisions, and reduced stress among a number of other health benefits like wording off sickness.


So what can you do if holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping and more are taking away from your precious sleep?


I'm gonna give you my top three tips on how to prioritize healthy sleep during this festive time of year.


Number one, preserve your normal sleep routines, including a set bedtime and wake time.  Even though staying up until 2:00 AM to finish that puzzle is tempting at the time. The resulting sleep deprivation will impact your mood the following day, something no family member needs. So realistically, try to limit staying up or sleeping in to only one hour later than your usual bedtime or wake time.


Number two, expose yourself to sunlight or daylight. If living in Oregon every single day, preferably with a walk or other outdoor exercise, the light and activity will help set your circadian rhythm and the fresh air. Well, it just does the body good.


Number three, avoid napping. Even if you had a short night. Daytime sleep can make it more difficult to fall asleep at your regular bedtime at night. So if you are fighting the afternoon slug, it may just be a good time for that afternoon walk.


So I hope that you can get some rest this holiday season. And speaking of risk, there will be no sleep bite next week as I will be getting some rest of my own.


See you in the new year.

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